Making things happen to widen your horizon


Started from creating videos for weddings and small

corporate events since 2017, Time Capsule Art House

Production (TCAHP) has evolved over the years into a

full production house.





Today, TCAHP continues to grow by catering different

gatherings, from intimate weddings to high-end

corporate events. The team has been thriving with

passion, mainly driven by their vision and innovation

in telling stories.


To be known globally for our events which are at par with international quality providing timeless inspiration and motivation to our partners and clients.


TCAHP drives forward in making your products and causes known by providing resources for marketing materials, documentation, event activations and social gatherings – widening your horizon.


Client Reviews


Joe Sison

"Time Capsule is an outstanding example of how a business should be run. Do what they say, say what they do. Flexible, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and patient are just a few ways to describe each member of the Vibrant team."

Roger Moore

"Time Capsule is a phenomenal video production company! We are a school that serves children on the autism spectrum, and this was the first time we worked with a production company, and they did not disappoint! Alex, Chris, and the entire team were VERY thoughtful, professional, and creative throughout the entire process."

Ajay Arfel

"During an unforeseen challenge in the middle of a seemingly normal project, the Vibrant team performed with the utmost professionalism and found creative solutions to our ever-changing issues. The quality of the final product is second to none and towers above the competition. A true first-class experience.”

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